Mid-Week Balance: 31 August 2011

I’m going for the smorgasboard approach to the round-up this week.  All kinds of tidbits from all kinds of writers.  I end up torn–I like the theme weeks because it’s fun to have a total package.  But I like the mixed-up weeks because I think it gives me a chance to meet lots of different needs.  So, this week, I’m aiming for different needs.  Regardless, I hope that you find something that inspires you, supports you, or helps you feel heard.

I loved this post from Rosie Molinary inviting us to explore our own personal themes.  That might be because I have also been inspired by themes throughout my life.  Rosie mentions the Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann.  That was also one of my themes in college, along with the definition of success which is most often attributed to Emerson.  I agree with Rosie that themes help us articulate the selves that we strive to be.

Kendra’s Voice in Recovery ™ blog is often a source for vulnerable, honest explorations of the recovery process.  This post on the importance of honesty as a tool for caring for ourselves, is a great example of that.

Chris Brogan has had some great stuff to say recently.  So good, in fact, that I couldn’t pick just one post to include this week.  Instead, you’re getting a double-header.  The first post reminds us that we are in charge of our own choices, and our own consequences.  Other people may try to pull your emotional strings, but you can choose not to let them.  In the second post, Chris uses a mouth-watering cooking analogy to remind us that we create our best work (though not our easiest work), when we focus on our core goals.  Don’t know your core goals?  Maybe this post can help springboard you toward finding them.

Amy at Una Vita Bella is generous about inviting us along with her on her journeys through depression and fibromyalgia.  She’s been fearless about sharing both her dark moments and her experiences of the light.  With this post, she explores how living with depression often includes both feeling lost and feeling found.

I was totally floored by Seth Godin’s post about the warning signs of someone defending the status quo.  I know that I have heard those questions in organizations, but I have also heard them from my inner voice.  What about you?

And if you want to change your status quo by adding more healthy choices or healthy habits, Sunada of Wildmind shares her own journey, as well as a set of motivating questions to ask yourself.

Finally, as a bonus, maybe you remember the post I wrote a few weeks back about balance, for the Self-Discovery, Word by Word blogging series.  Well, the entire balance round-up is available, put together for you by Myrite of Tasty Life Wellness Coaching. So, if you want another great reading set, pop over there!

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