Mid-Week Balance: 3 August 2011

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing this post.  This week has included a lot of the paperwork stuff that I don’t really love (but is a necessary cost to have this business that I do love).  So, to be out from under insurance letters, IRS forms, and billing statements and to be able to share the great stuff that I found this week feels like a real treat.  I hope that you enjoy these posts.  As I went back through my starred posts, it became clear to me that this week there are a few themes: being open to change, and giving ourselves permission to experience our pain and frustration.

Christy Matta at the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood blog tapped into the principles of Motivational Interviewing in her post this week.  She invites us to think about the changes in our lives (health changes, work changes, relationship changes) that we may be ambivalent about making–and then provides a nice 10 question summary for engaging with them!

If you hear the word “change,” and want to run in the other direction, then maybe the mindfulness exercise of self-inquiry as described by Elisha Goldstein is the next tool you need to add.  His Mindfulness & Psychotherapy blog is full of similar tools if you find this one to be helpful.

In the theme of change, Rosie Molinary’s post this week reminds us that we’re prone to getting stuck in our patterns and routines.  Even though she’s writing about routine on the surface, I felt like this post was an invitation to assess our internal routines as well.  And I love the idea of “going two miles in the other direction and turning right.”

One of the messages that I find myself repeating over and over and over is that we all have permission to experience our feelings–even the painful ones.  This post from Kendra at Voice in Recovery does a lovely job of reminding us of that.

On a powerful, lovely note, here’s this reminder from Mara at Medicinal Marzipan.  She takes a concrete look at actions we can take to feel beautiful no matter what.

Any favorite resources this week?

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