Mid-Week Balance: 24 August 2011

If you are a regular MWB reader, you know that there it can be kind of a grab-bag.  Some weeks I have a theme, some weeks I’m just sharing a random collection of things that spoke to me.  This week is a bit more of a theme week.  All of the posts this week focus in some way on the elements of being present in our bodies & minds, or of expressing our needs & emotions in a genuine way.

This post from Bodhipaksa of Wildmind focuses on how important and powerful it can be to take time to appreciate the small, wonderful things in our lives.

I am as guilty as the next person of missing some of today’s good stuff because I’m worried about making it to a future goal.  Leo at Zen Habits shares a parable about the things that we miss out on when we ignore the present to chase “something better.”

At Raising my Boychick, Arwyn regularly takes on issues around parenting, gender identity & social justice.  This post about remembering that our bodies and our minds are not separate really struck a chord for me.  I love the reminders that we need to focus on our whole health.

Linda Esposito’s Talk Therapy Biz blog has a ton of great information.  I particularly appreciated this post, which reminds us that we can strengthen our “no” muscle, and practice setting appropriate boundaries.

And back to Wildmind, where Dr. Rick Hanson shares this gentle, lovely article about how to live without tripping our hard-wired fear sensors.

And, as a special bonus this week, here’s a summary list from the TED blog of some of their favorite “happiness-building” talks this year.

Any favorites this week?  Please share!

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