Mid-Week Balance : 18 August 2011

I apologize in advance for any odd sentence structure, or disconnected thinking in this post.  You see, school started this week in my part of the world, and so did my first experience of school as a parent.   This is requiring a radical reset of the household–we tend more toward the night owl than the early bird around here!  So, my brain is a bit foggy from the time adjustment.  However, the sleep deprivation did not keep me from finding some fantastic stuff for you this week.  All of the articles, except one, are from folks you have seen in MWB before–enjoy!

Jonathan Fields shares an interview with guitar maker Bob Taylor.  And the take-away from this interview is that, in order to innovate, to grow, to change the world–we need to be willing to take risks and make some bad stuff.  This is worth sitting with for a while, to really let the challenge of that idea sink in.

Dr. Ashley Solomon created the Self-Discovery Word by Word blog series.  I’ve participated in SDWW a few times, and have always appreciated the format of being inspired by a single word.  Ashley’s post about the fact that we need to lose our balance in order to find it fits very nicely with challenge to make some bad stuff.

Rosie Molinary always manages to find a lovely, powerful way to remind me of key truths in life and in self-care.  This week, she reminded us that we have to put ourselves on our to-do lists–that our health and well-being is what allows the rest of our work to get done.

And because it is easy–when we are taking risks, losing our balance, making bad stuff, and putting ourselves on our own lists–to get overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, there is this lovely post from Saddhamala at Wildmind about how to free ourselves from worry.

This post from Medicinal Marzipan does not really tie in with the others this week (well, it could, but the mental leaps I use to do that only make sense if you live inside my head, so I won’t try to get you there!).  However, as a new school mom, who is recognizing that from here on out, there will be plenty of voices competing for the mind and heart of my kiddo, this post about how to teach our kids to be self and body positive hit home for me in a big way.

A fantastic discussion emerged after this week’s #bcsm Tweet chat about the challenges of openly coping with end of life issues.  In fact, Andrew Lopez (@nursefriendly) and I have been toying with the idea of starting an “end-of life issues” Tweet chat (look for hashtag #EOLchat).  So it seemed serindipitous that I found this article by Antara at Yoga Hub, in which she explores the idea of dealing with death as a natural life transition.

I hope that something here meets a need for you this week.  Do you have something else that you want to share?  Let me know!


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