Mid-Week Balance–Inagural Post

Inspired by fantastic examples of at Nourishing the Soul and Medical Marzipan, I’m going to add a new section to the blog. On Wednesdays, I’m going to be offering up my favorite posts of the past week. I hope you enjoy the cross-section of amazing thinking that’s out there!

“I Just Want to Be Sad, Okay?”–It seems appropriate that one of Ashley’s thought-provoking articles from Nourishing the Soul makes my first list. She provides a challenging invitation reconsider the cultural imperative to try to be “always happy.”

“Give Your Body a Vacation”–Mara from Medical Marzipan asks the question: what would a vacation for your body look like? Read the article–I’d love to know what your body vacation looks like.

“Am I Desensitized by Body Image News?”
–Kendra at Voice in Recovery is routinely a powerful advocate of self-care and health. In this week’s post, she asks us to think about how we may contribute to the barrage of negative body image messages by our own self-talk.

“Don’t Live in Default Mode”–At Living the Balanced Life, Bernice Wood invites us to assess whether we’re stuck in unproductive patterns.

“Self-Compassion: An Antidote to Negative Body Image”–At The Body and the Brood, Dana provides a thoughtful remedy for the negativity that Kendra challenged in her post.

I hope that this roundup of thoughts from talented, inspiring women helps your Wednesday feel like the launch-pad for a strong finish to the week.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Balance–Inagural Post

  1. That post by Ashley is one of my favorite’s too — I really like blogs that do this as it gives me exposure to some posts I may not have caught the first time around =)

  2. Kat–Welcome to my little corner of the web. I have been so appreciative of the aggregation posts in other blogs, that I couldn’t resist adding that feature here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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