Mid-Week Balance: 6 July 2011

I realized, as I went back through my starred post, I noticed a pattern. As I reviewed the posts, the dominant theme of giving yourself space emerged–giving yourself permission to be human, to have bad days, to grieve, to accept that sometimes we all need some grace. I hope you feel the permission when you need it.

Jen Gresham at Everyday Bright asks what happens when Wonder Woman doesn’t feel so wonderful. It’s such a thoughtful reminder that we all have periods of struggle.

It’s not unusual for us to try to hold back difficult feelings or deny their existence. Elisha Goldstein of the Mindfulness & Psychotherapy blog offers this thoughtful reflection on why feeling our grief can be good for our health.

Mara of Medicinal Marzipan offers a compassionate, self-loving challenge to the idea that we must always be “consistent.” When we focus on each moment, we’re freed from the effort to seek consistency.

I was absolutely floored with the concept that Melissa (Dr. Snit) of Living With Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else explored in her latest post. She talked about serious illness as being a time when we are in a “state of grace.” Read more to understand what this means to her (what it means to me might be a blog post of the future).

Okay, bear with me, this last one may see like a stretch at first. But actually, since we are talking about allowing ourselves to be real and imperfect, it’s a pretty good fit. I was thrilled to see this piece at the Ms. Magazine blog about how the AMA is taking a stand against digital retouching of photographs–which is all about hiding “imperfection.”

I hope this brings some self-acceptance to your week. Got another great resource? Pass it along!

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