Mid-Week Balance: 13 July 2011

This is the first Mid-Week Balance that has been composed and posted right here on the new site (although all of the rest will be transferred over, hopefully before long), so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it.   I have a small confession to make–I’m hopelessly behind on my RSS reader.  I think my unread post count is over 600.  Setting up this site, writing, doing social media & continuing ed–oh and doing therapy and having a life–these things all ask for some time, so I’m falling behind on my reading.  It’s a measure of the quality of the writers that I follow that, even with that huge backlog, I had no problem finding some wonderful stuff for you this week.  There’s definitely a health and body image slant this week, with a sub-set of articles dealing with fear and honesty.  Enjoy!

This post was on the Medicinal Marzipan blog, but it was written by Sui of Cynosure.  Both of these blogs provide a body-positive, self-love building environment.  I so appreciated the reminder that we all deserve better.  I encourage you to read through the comments too–and maybe take the time to make your own commitment to what you deserve.

Ragan Chastain uses her Dances With Fat blog to show the world that Health at Every Size (HAES) is a vibrant and active truth.  She’s one of the folks that I read when I need an infusion of passion.  And this post, where she revisits the feedback she’s heard all too often about it not being possible to be fit and fat, is a wealth of body-affirmative research.

Leo of the Zen Habits blog is not only a practitioner of radical simplicity, but he’s a joyful runner.  I appreciated his post this week about finding the intersection of fun and fitness.  This was a reminder that, when we celebrate our health, we are more likely to support and maintain it.

Seth Godin is an author, publisher, social media guru–one pretty well known guy.  One of the things that I appreciate about Seth is his ability to distill his thoughts into small, powerful notes.  Here’s a great example of that skill, a post about our tendency to wait for fear to subside that gets right to the heart of the matter.

And finally, there’s this post.  This is the reason I have turned into a Twitter fan.  I had never heard of James Altucher, but someone I follow tweeted this link.  And I was blown away by the invitation James extends to each of us to get honest–starting with our relationship with ourselves.  As you read it, you may want to reference some of the posts above about fear and fitness.

As usual, I hope this collection brings you something empowering or challenging–that it meets a need for you this week.  Do you have a favorite of your own? Please share it!

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